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Listed below are general categories of the candles and accessories that we produce and sell. All have links to more detailed information.

Many of our candles can be customised in the colours, scents and heights that you require. Just ask our friendly staff or send us an email.

We keep a selection of our range in stock in Newtown or you can order specific items and we can send them.

Thanks for taking a look!

Stacks of Wax Newtown Showroom

Hand poured moulded candles

We make a large variety of moulded candles, details of which are on the following pages.
Moulded candle pricelist
Moulded candle colour and scent combinations


Wax lanterns

We make a huge range of wax lanterns. These glow beautifully producing a magical atmosphere.

Wax lanterns

Lantern glow 

Dipped scented candles

Dipped pillars

We make a range of different dipped scented candles.


Dipped scented candles

Pillar candles in all shapes and sizes

Stacks of Wax stock a huge variety of pillar candles in all shapes and sizes.

dot White paraffin and cream pillar candles


Household candles

Stacks of Wax supplies a large range of plain and dipped scented household candles for all your holders.

Household candles

Household dipped candles 

Other candles

marbled candles

We also make a huge variety of other candles including:
dotpoint.GIF (173 bytes) Marbled candles
Floating candles
Taper candles
Beeswax candles
dotpoint.GIF (173 bytes) Big flame non-drip candles
Tealight candles
Citronella candles

Soy candles

Other items Moulded ball 
We also sell a range of other manufacturers candles and accessories:

dotpoint.GIF (173 bytes) Wright Power Candles
dotpoint.GIF (173 bytes) Candle holders

dotpoint.GIF (173 bytes) Oils

dotpoint.GIF (173 bytes) Votive Candles
dotpoint.GIF (173 bytes) Tealite holders

Candle burning tips page

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