Floating candles

Functions and Parties

Maplewood floating 45mm diameter balls 6 pack.
Available in white and cream
Burning time approx 5hrs.

$6.00 Floater 6 packs

Dipped floaters box of 5
Burning time approx 5hrs.

White and cream floaters 50mm
Burning time approx 7hrs.
White and cream floaters 75mm
Burning time approx 9hrs

Floating roses large 75mm diameter (5hrs)

Available in dipped range of colours


Moulded Floating Candles Suitable for Swimming Pools
We make bowl shaped floating candles which are suitable for swimming pools.
Other sizes may be available, please enquire.

Small moulded bowl candle 14cm wide x 7cm high $10.00
Large moulded bowl candle multi wick 26cm wide x 8cm high $30.00

In addition, our range of lantern candles are also suitable for floating on pools.
The candle is simlpy centred inside the lantern in a glass (price below includes the glass).

Wax lantern small white floating $19.00
Wax lantern medium white floating $21.00
Wax lantern large white floating $24.00


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