Marbled candles

Functions and Parties

Marbled CandlesStacks of Wax hand marble this range of candles with beautiful swirly patterns. Each candle has a unique pattern and there are two basic colour styles available, namely clear dip and colour dip. To our knowledge we are the only candle company in Australia using this technique.

Marbled Ball Marbled ball  $12.00

Marbled Egg Marbled egg  $12.00

Marbled Ball
Marbled 3"x3" pillar  $8.50
Marbled Glow Thru
Marbled 4"x31/4"  $12.00

Marbled 6"x3" pillar  $15.00 Marbled floating ball candles  $2.00
Marbled floating roses small  $3.00 Marbled floating roses   $5.00

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