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Dipped Scented Pillar Candles - Short Long Thin & Fat!
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Our vibrantly coloured dipped pillar candles are available in the large range of colour and scent combinations listed below, many of which can be seen in the photos below. These candles look great in any situation and are competitively priced. Other sizes may be available by request. All the sizes we have or can get are listed in the white & cream pillar candle section.

Gardenia - dark purple
Jasmine - blue
Cinnamon - red
Orange - orange
Lime - pale green
Patchouli - turquoise
Rose - hot pink
Lavender - lilac
Lavender - pale blue
Sandalwood - burgundy
Boronia - blue purple
Lemongrass - cream
Vanilla - white
Lime/L'grass- medium green
Lemon - yellow
Strawberry - green

Musk - black
Chocolate - brown
Grapefruit - fuchsia pink
Mango - orangy yellow
Citronella - white





7cm x 5cm
10cm x 5cm
dipped stubby 10cm x 1cm prayer candle
20cm meditation taper 
15cm x 5cm
20cm x 5cm
25cm x 5cm
dipped_stubbyl_th_567.jpg (7191 bytes) 30cm x 2.5cm
35cm x 2.5cm
45cm x 2.5cm
7.5cm x 6.5cm
dipped pillar 15cm x 3.8cm
25cm x 3.8cm
15cm x 6.5cm
20cm x 6.5cm
dipped pillar 5cm x 5cm cube
6.5cm x 6.5cm cube
7.5cm x 7.5cm cube
7.5cm x 7.5cm
(middle front)
$5.50 vanilla dipped candle Floater 5 packs
Dipped floating rose lrg
15cm x 7.5cm
20cm x 7.5cm
dipped sandalwood candles Dipped scented ball & egg candles dipped egg
10cm x 8cm $7.00   Ball candles small 5cm diameter
Ball candles large 8cm diameter


Econo household
20 cm x 2cm
22cm x 2.2cm



household econo

Egg candles small 7cm x 5cm
Egg candles large 10cm x 8cm
Egg candles large 10cm x 8cm layered




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