Taper candles

Functions and Parties


Metallic Dinner Taper Candles

Metallic 30cm taper candles
$2.50 each burn for approximately 8 hours non-drip

(Available in burgundy, green, gold and silver)

Meditation tapers dipped in scented wax.
Approx 25cm x 1cm burn for 3 hours $0.60 each
Plain unscented $0.30 each

Prices 25 cm tapers white, ivory and red $1.00 each  

White 25cm tapers budget $5.00/dz (pictured right)
White 30cm tapers budget $6.00/dz
General wax co tapers 25cm $1.50 each (centre)
General wax co tapers 30cm $2.00 each (left)

General wax co tapers 37cm $2.50 each
General wax co tapers 45cm $3.00 each
General wax co tapers 61cm $4.00 each


Stacks of Wax Pty Ltd - 239 Australia St Newtown 2042 - Ph 61 2 9557 0306 - Fax 61 2 9557 0804

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