Tealight candle holders

Functions and Parties

We stock a large range of glass tealite candle holders including those shown below. We also stock a range of tealight candles.

Type Size



Clear glass tealight holder square and round
Small tealight holders
Red glass clear tealight holder
Donut tealight holders

6.5 x 5cm

2.5 x 5cm
6.5 x 5cm
2 x 6.5cm



Frosted glass tealight holders.
Available in white, light blue, light green, pink, light purple, red, blue, burgundy, orange and brown.

6.5 x 5cm $3.00

Clear glass globe holders
The two smaller sizes can be used to float tealight candles.
The largest is a storm shade suited to outdoor use.

6 x 6cm
6.5 x 8cm
11 x 10cm


Flared tealight holders
Available in clear, frosted white,
red, blue, green & yellow.

8cm high x
5cm base &
7cm top


Frosted globe lamps Small
Large (pictured at top as well)
Available in frosted white,
red, blue, purple & yellow.
Others pictured include
Square ceramic 2 piece holder
Green frosted and clear holder
Metallic holders
Pink and purple holder w/ dimonties

8 x 7cm wide
11 x 10cm wide

8 x 6cm base
6.5 x 5cm
6.5 x 5cm
8 x 7cm



Other sizes, colours and styles are often available. Please advise us of your requirements.
Discounts available for bulk purchases.

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