non-drip candles

Functions and Parties

These candles are made with a beeswax inner and a hardened wax outer. They are designed to burn with a large flame without dripping. This makes them particularly suitable for any application where you need a thinish candle that will burn with a large flame without dripping. They are also made in thick sizes and these are also drip resistant.

The main cause of dripping is burning candles in locations which are draughty. This blows the flame to one side of the candle which causes it to "gutter", that is, melt predominantly on one side allowing the liquid wax sitting on the top beneath the flame to run down the side of the candle. These candles are manufactured to minimise dripping by creating a deeper pool of wax in the centre with a softer core, surrounded by a harder outside layer.

Because of these properties they are particularly suitable for use in films and theatrical productions. Have been used in:

Mission Impossible 2 1999 (see photos below)
Star Wars The Phantom Menace (filmed in 2000)
Three Sisters, Sydney Theatre Company 2001

Size (height x diameter) Price Burn time approx
15 x 4cm $4.50 10h
30 x 4cm $7.50 20h
20 x 2cm $4.00 8h
30 x 2.5cm $5.00 16h
5 x 4.5cm $5.00 4h
11 x 6 cm $11.00 28h
8 x 7 cm $11.00 28h

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