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Stacks of Wax stocks an extensive range of candlemaking materials as summarised in the following pricelists:

Candlemaking materials pricelist
Essential and fragrant oil pricelist
Wick and wick tabs pricelist

Candlemaking information.

Our materials page outlines the use of candlemaking materials we sell.
The methods page outlines simple steps to make candles.
Candlemaking picture gallery has more detailed information on candlemaking as well as photos of different techniques which we use in our workshop. Take a look!
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Paraffin wax
Beeswax Dye Oils Wick Moulds

Candlemaking machine
These photos are of an original Price's candlemaking machine. It can make well over 100 household candles at a time. It is typical of the machines used in large scale candle production. The wax is poured into the top and fills the rows of moulds. Cold water is pumped through the white pipes to cool the wax inside the moulds, forming the candles.

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