Citronella Insect Repellent Candles


Functions and Parties

Stacks of Wax make their own range of citronella insect repellent candles in Australian made terracotta pots. These candles are guaranteed to work every time and look great in Australian outdoor settings such as patios. They can also be used in well ventilated indoor or semi-indoor locations. We can refill them or you use them as a flower pot once emptied.
ItemSizePriceBurning Time
Small terracotta pot6cmx6cm$4.00(10hrs)
Medium cylinder terracotta pot9cmx9cm$8.00(35hrs )
Medium terracotta pot11cmx11cm$10.00(60hrs)
Large terracotta squat pot13cmx13cm$14.00(60hrs)
Citronella household candles23cmx2.2cm$2.00(10hrs)
Stubby citronella pillar 10cmx5cm$3.50
Layered citronella moulded candles15cmx10cm$16.00
(see moulded candles for other sizes)15cmx13cm$25.00