Assorted white lanterns glowing

Wax Lanterns

Functions and Parties

White Round Wax Lanterns

White lanterns

White wax lanterns
Small (front)

16cm high, 18cm wide centre, 13cm wide top

 White glowing lanterns

White wax lanterns
Medium (back left)

20cm high, 22cm wide centre, 14cm wide top

White wax lanterns

White wax lanterns
Large (rear)

23cm high, 24cm wide centre, 17cm wide top

 White lantern extra small

White wax lanterns
Extra small (front right)

10cm high, 13cm wide centre, 10cm wide top

Coloured Round Wax Lanterns
Orange lanterns
Coloured wax lanterns
Small (front left)

16cm high, 18cm wide centre, 13cm wide top
 Orange lantern glow
Orange lanterns glow
Pink lanterns
Coloured wax lanterns
Medium (front right)

20cm high, 22cm wide centre, 14cm wide top
 Pink lantern glow
Pink lanterns glow
Lanterns green & blue Coloured wax lanterns
Large (right back))

23cm high, 24cm wide centre, 17cm wide top
  Lanterns red glow Red lanterns glow
Pink lantern glow Red lanterns   Yellow lanterns glow Lanterns light pink glow
Light orange lanterns Blue wax lantern   Green & yellow wax lanterns Red coloured wax lanterns

White & Coloured Tall Wax Lanterns
Tall white lanterns

Tall small white $18.00
approx 20cm x 13cm wide

Tall med white $20.00
approx 25cm x 14cm

Tall large white $23.00
approx 30cm x 15cm

 Tall lanterns

Tall small colour $20.00
approx 15cm x 10cm

Tall med colour $22.00
approx 25cm x 14cm

Tall large colour $25.00
approx 30cm x 15cm

Dotted and Layered Wax Lanterns
Dotted red & orange lantern

Dotted/layered white wax lanterns red & orange
izes as above)

 Dotted wax lantern red & orange
Small $20.00
Med $22.00
Large $25.00
Purple dotted lanterns
Dotted/layered white wax lanterns light & dark purple
 Blue dotted lantern glow
Dotted/layered white wax lanterns light & dark blue
lantern glow
Dotted/layered white wax lanterns assorted
  Green dotted lanterns
Green dotted glow

Dotted wax lantern

Dotted wax lantern
Red & orange dotted lanterns

Moulded wax lanterns
White square lanterns

Square white lantern

Sml 21cm x 11.5cm
Med 21cm x 15cm
Large 27cm x 15cm

 White square lantern
Small $22.00
Med $27.00
Large $30.00
Hexagon & cylinder lantern


Other moulded lantern
10cm x 8cm cylinder
15cm x 10cm cylinder
22cm x 12cm

Hexagonal Lantern

 Lanterns glowing

Small $12.00
Med $15.00
Large $22.00

Hexagonal $27

Older dotted lanterns Square base lanterns   Assorted lanterns Lanterns with flame

Other Associated Items
Lantern packing - in sealed cartons with bio-degradable void fill bubbles to cushion lanterns $4.00 per lantern.
Lantern Glasses - Lily brand glasses to fit 5cm diameter candles $5.00 each pictured below with 10cm x 5cm candle and 7.5cm x 5cm candle.
Please note that while all care is taken in packing lanterns we cannot accept responsibility for damage to lanterns during transport as the handling of cartons during transit is beyond our control.

  Glass and candle in lantern   Lantern candle and glass  
Click here for functions page showing more lanterns.

Stacks of Wax produces a huge range of wax lanterns. These are great for use both at home and for functions. The shell of the lantern is wax. A pillar candle placed inside illuminates the lantern. The heat escapes through the hole in the top without melting the lantern shell.
Some of the different types available are pictured above.  Other styles are available so please enquire.
Orders of large quantities may attract a discount.
The lanterns we produce are thick which makes them strong and resistant to breakage. As such, it is possible to use them over and over again for many years.
In order to prolong the life of the lantern, it is best to place the candle inside in a glass to catch drips, keep the candle in the centre and keep the lantern away from heat and direct sunlight. The can be reshaped by placing in medium hot water and reshaping while pliable. They are then set by placing in cold water.
Please note that in hot summer conditions the lantern can over time sag and change shape. Wax lanterns should not be left in direct sunshine, hot cars or window sills etc.

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